There is truly something for everyone at Ambit Hearing Aid Centers.  No matter your age or need, the professional staff can and will deliver everything you’re looking for.  With over 40 years’ experience, you can count on their expert knowledge to find the perfect fit for you.  Ambit manufactures the most advanced digital and Bluetooth hearing aid on the market today.  All models are made with patented, cutting-edge digital technology that delivers superior clarity and noise control in all situations.  Why wait?  Call and take the first step towards phenomenal hearing with Ambit.

About Us

Advanced Solutions


Ambit Hearing Centers is one of the first choice for anyone looking for the best digital hearing technology. Our products come standard with an advanced 128-channel digital processor for unbeatable clarity when and where it matters most. All of our HD models connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth; putting adjustment at your fingertips. Our SC line of products allows you to stream phone calls and television directly into your hearing instruments.

The Perfect Instrument for Your Loss


We understand how frustrating a hearing loss is for you and your loved ones. We also understand that each hearing loss is as unique as the person who has it. With this approach, we know how to treat a hearing loss better than anyone. The #1 complaint from people suffering a hearing loss is, "I can hear you, I just can't understand what you're saying." Our Dynamic Speech Enhancement technology subtly boosts specific frequencies to bring crisp, clear conversations back into your life. The #2 complaint from people suffering a hearing loss is, " I can't hear speech in noisy environments." Our Active Noise Reduction technology decreases background noise levels so that the conversations you want to hear are louder than your surroundings. 

Get the Help You Need Today


Don't let another day go by if you are struggling and straining to hear. We have a wide range of devices to choose from suitable for every loss and budget. Call or stop by today and let our friendly professional staff you with your hearing loss. 


Open Ear Technology


Our open ear technology offers direct audio input, up to six programs, 128 channels, multi-directional microphones, noise control for all environments, cellphone connectivity, and is also rechargeable. 

Invisible CIC Models


With 128 channels, multi-directional microphones, up to five programs, and cellphone connectivity our invisible CIC model is perfectly discreet without giving up quality of the product.

No More Batteries!


We offer the most advanced technology in the hearing world; and this includes rechargeable hearing aids. With a twenty-four hour charge, and a half-hour quick charge, you won't ever half to worry about you hearing aid losing power again. 


Control in the Palm of Your Hand!

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to make adjustments to your hearing aids wherever you go. From a noisy restaurant to the quiet and comfort of your home, you have the power to decide how much or how little you want to hear.

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